Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year’s Wish for Quilters

May your points always meet
May your thread never break
May your borders behave
And may inspiration never desert you
Thank you all for your friendship and encouragement!  I wish all of you joy and peace in 2012.

(Borders still pending on two of these tops…)


  1. What an awesome lot of finishes! I love your APQ quilt! Hope I can get mine finished this year. I haven't made a list of my finishes yet and won't until I get back home. Then I need to make a list of UFOs - Oh No! That list will be quite long.

  2. Wonderful finishes! I love your blessing!


  3. Your quilts and other projects for 2011 are all great; I especially love the red/green quilt! You had quite a productive year. I'm afraid to make a completion list; I'd be embarrassed because mine would be so short compared to everyone else's! ---"Love"

  4. It's fabulous to see all your projects here! Good too that you posted a pic of your swap quilt. ann :-)

  5. Though the year seemed to fly by, I look at those quilts and remember reading about them, but wonder...did you really make that in 2011? Are you sure it wasn't 2009? I guess the year didn't fly as quickly as I thought! Beautiful - every one. Here's to another year of beautiful finishes!

  6. You did get a lot finished and everything is gorgeous! Have another great quilty year!


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