A tale of two fabrics

I started working on Lemoyne Star blocks in batiks last week.  Here's what I was hoping for:

This was not last week's attempt!  Last week's block turned out like this:

I think this looks like a hot mess.   I love this batik print, but it didn't work here at all!  One problem was that the dark background in the print and spots where the blue is deeper blend into my block background too much.  Another is that the scale of the print is too large for the pieces so the pretty gets cut up and lost, and I'm left with, well, this.

This was just too depressing to deal with last week.  What to do?  Start a new project, of course!  I worked on that the rest of the week and pieced a backing for it today.  It's all in bright, pretty leftovers from my recently finished Wandering Geese quilt, and the pieces and colours all played together just as they were supposed to.  I'll share more about that one later this week.  Anyway, working on that cheered me up considerably, so I had the courage to pull out the Lemoyne Stars again.

I bought a few brighter, smaller scale batiks to substitute for some of my previously selected batiks.  I still love the first selection, but they are going to have to find another project to play in (oh, the hardship!).  Tonight I made the lighter block above, and I think I can keep going on that track.  First I'll need to press my new selections that got forgotten in the dryer last night.

I think I will leave that for tomorrow evening.  Right now, as the weather had cooled off, I feel like an evening with a quilt pooled in my lap while I hand quilt it sounds appealing.  I have made woefully little progress quilting my daughter's Chic Country so I had better get to it while the mood strikes!


  1. Sometimes you don't see these things until you've made the block. You're on the right track now.

  2. Sometimes scale can be a downfall. I do like the look of the first block and I think your new additions will work good.

  3. It's always a pain when a block doesn't turn out but I do think you are on the right track now! The lighter star is perfect with the background. I'm sure you'll find a great use of the beautiful 'rejected' batik. Looking forward to seeing the "wandering geese quilt leftovers" quilt. ~Jeanne

  4. It's frustrating when that happens. Sometimes you just can't tell how something will look until it is put together. Live and learn!

  5. Your 'quilt depression' won't last long working with those brighter batiks, and if it does, for sure working with the bright colors of your geese leftovers will bring you out! Another quick look at your Country Chic made me feel much better this morning; it is still beautiful! ---"Love"

  6. Sometimes a change in a project gives us the time and space to figure out what we need to do to move forward with a challenge. I think your fabric shopping solution was perfect - any excuse is a good excuse to buy fabric!

  7. Well, at least your second attempt at the LeMoyne Stars met your expectations. It is very pretty, and your new selection of batiks look like they will do the trick.
    Curled up with a quilt in your lap for stitching sounds like a cozy Fall evening. Just need a pot of soup simmering on the stove, or a cup of tea by your side. Can you tell I am freezing cold right now? I am thinking of warm things. :)

  8. I can see why you're so bummed out with how that block came out! Especially since batiks are so pretty.

  9. I cut up a metre of fabric several years ago, convinced that it would look wonderful in a new project. It did not! I love your Lemoyne Stars and I can’t wait to see how you put them together.

  10. That's something we all do...envision something that doesn't look like what we saw in our minds eye.

  11. Sometimes you just have to make a block to see how it will look. You can always use it to top off the label when you finish the quilt. The second block is very pretty and all the softer colors will look great, too. It is never a mistake, it is a learning opportunity!


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