Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Making progress?

When I came home from vacation I had grand plans to get a few quilty things finished.  First up was the Cyclone baby quilt. Here's where I left it in early July. There were 5 more blocks plus the border still needing quilting just like the block below.

My grand plans came to a screeching halt when I bounded into my sewing room the weekend I returned to find my machine wasn't in its usual spot.  Don't panic!  I just forgot I had brought it in to the shop to get its annual cleaning while I was away.  Sigh.  I cleaned my space instead. That is still progress, right?

By the time the machine came home I was in the middle of painting a bedroom, covered in paint and achy because apparently painting uses muscles that I don't often use.  My two day painting job took four, but on day 5, I treated myself to uninterrupted sewing. May I say that despite the wait, getting the machine cleaned and serviced was definitely worthwhile?  It purrs like a kitten.  I hadn't noticed how hard it was working until it was clean and humming happily again.

OK, back to the quilting progress.

Sigh.  Quilting the edge of the backing to the back of the quilt is not progress.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who has done this (ahem, more than once).

I took care of that little setback and finished quilting all the sashing, in the ditch around all the stars, and concentric circles in the background of 4 of the 6 blocks.

Before I got around to quilting the background of the remaining two blocks, I started thinking about borders.  Something simple.  Borders...

There we go: progress derailed again!  Thinking about quilting the borders led me to thinking about adding extra borders to make this quilt larger.  My son is an ISU student and he could use an ISU Cyclones quilt, right?  He's 19, years old, with the height that goes with the age, so this baby size just won't cut it.  Don't ask me why this didn't occur to me before I started the quilting!

That's where the quilt stands currently.  Maybe today I will do the math to figure out if I have the fabric I need to add to the top and the back as I have planned.


  1. You are not the only one had quilted the edge into the back...I have a friend who quilted applique parts for another project to the back of hers because they were stuck there...and it's the back, so you don't see it! No ideas for making the ISU quilt larger, but maybe ask your son if it's large enough for him to use before embarking on the project?

  2. I have done the same thing. Thankfully pulling out hand quilted stitches is pretty easy. I just decided to go from a 60x6o to king size hope I don't regret it

  3. Heh. I have photos of my backing stitched to itself, just a month ago. The rest of the quilting looks lovely.

  4. I like to take my machine in for a cleaning when I am going to be away from home. I don't go into withdrawal without a machine to use! Beautiful colors and quilting so far! Good luck with making the quilt larger. You are very creative and talented so I will be watching to see how you solve your problem!

  5. No matter what you have been through with this quilt, or how it will end up, it is one gorgeous quilt! ---"Love"

  6. Been there, done that...several times as well. Your quilting looks great and the design is so striking. Sending border vibes your way!

  7. I love the quilting you have done so far! I too have quilted a piece of backing to itself.

  8. Great looking quilt! Your son will love it. I've definitely caught the backing into the quilting like that...so frustrating! Occasionally a loose scraps gets caught, too. My machine needs a spa day, but it will have to wait until we're somewhere for many weeks...

  9. Oh yes... I have quilted a folded over backing many times... so frustrating!

  10. I agree, totally love it when my machine comes back from servicing and is purrrring along, as though it were new again! Funny how we forget how good it is for the machine (or is it our quilting soul?) and don't send it in often enough. At least, I know I am bad in that regard. Great quilt and yes, it looks destined for an ISU son, though he may not be impressed with the idea of it being a "baby" quilt! shhhhhhh don't tell him and just add on those extra borders. Or maybe it'd be easier to make a new quilt? Look forward to hearing the next installment of this story! Good Luck!!

  11. Stitched the backing to the quilt just the other day, so it’s still fresh in my mind! Such a gorgeous quilt! Your son will love it, big to small!


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