Friday, September 9, 2022

Is this early or late?

Is it too early to share a Christmas project? 

Actually, this share is really late, as I pieced this quilt in October 2021.  I spent some time yesterday sorting through photos on my phone, and found quite a few things I have neglected to share.  Festive Lanterns was one.

This project began with the Winter Wonders collection from Island Batik.  

It involved a fair bit of stitch-and-flip sewing and the resulting corner trimming.

According to the next photo, found among the rest, it seems I needed to do a little seam ripping along the way.  I dimly recall sewing a square to the wrong corner of the block.  I started sewing on automatic pilot and wasn't paying enough attention.  I'm glad I wasn't quite on automatic when I was trimming, so I caught my mistake before I trimmed.

From cutting fabric to finishing the top only took five days.

Christmas blew past before this got quilted.  In March I finally admitted I didn't have time to quilt it myself and sent it out to Liz Meimann with a few others so I would have a finished quilt to share around the time this fabric shipped to stores.

Right.  Well, I fell down on the job with that.  I had a quilt to share but I forgot to share it.  I'm a couple of months late.  I think it was being shipped and promoted in July or August.

Getting a decent photo inside over the winter and early spring was a challenge.  Here's my attempt at "artful drape".

It does show off some of the prints nicely.  The pattern, I Spy Lanterns, was designed to showcase medium to large size prints.

In mid-summer I headed out to my deck for a second photo shoot.

I have made two other very different versions of I Spy Lanterns, and I planned to share links to those other version, but I can't fins any links.  It looks like I didn't share those either!  Here you go, just a quick look:

I really need to quilt the last version.  It's too pretty to stay a top forever.

I'm off to sort through more photos.  Camera phones and cheap memory results in a ridiculous number of pictures! I suspect I'll find a few more things I didn't get around to sharing earlier.  Stay tuned!

Happy quilting,

The I Spy Lanterns pattern is available as a PDF download in my Etsy shop, or you can ask for a printed copy at your favourite quilt shop.  Shops, please see my wholesale page for wholesale information or find the pattern at distributors Checker or EE Schenck.


  1. Ooh. They're all pretty, but the bright colors on black is truly stunning!

  2. I vaguely remember this...perhaps an in progress shot somewhere along the way? But all three versions are beautiful. The last is probably my favorite, though. No harm in asking for help getting things quilted and Liz did a beautiful job!

  3. I love those Christmas batiks--and they make lovely lanterns.
    The blue/white one is very calm and peaceful, and then the brights on black jolt you awake. Each one striking in its own way.

  4. late or early it is really worth showing.....pretty cool design and it looks great in the other colours also..........

  5. Another pattern........well done and you're very prolific with quilts as patterns along with family to care for. Love all 3 versions. Take care & hugs.


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