Sunday, September 25, 2022

Refreshing the sewing room

What is it about fall?  It makes me want to move furniture around and get organized.  Maybe it's a throwback to back-to-school new beginnings. 

In any case, on a rainy Saturday a couple of weeks ago, I felt compelled to turn my work space into a disaster zone.  I wish I had taken pictures of the upheaval in progress, but I was too busy making a mess, then cleaning it up.  Here's the final result.

The cube shelving on the wall used to be at the end of the cutting table, cutting the room in half.  The wall where it now stands used to be the only blank wall I could use as a design wall, and there wasn't anywhere else to put the shelves.  

Disposing of a ratty old sofa last month opened up space for two shelving units, freeing up the wall you see on the right below to use as a design wall.  That wall space is a touch larger than the old design wall. I'll be excited to use it after I go to the quilt shop for batting to cover it.

Here's the other half of the room, also known as the pattern folding and shipping station when there isn't a quilt on the table.  

The two shelving units that I moved to make room for the design wall ended up here where the sofa used to sit.  There was room to spare on the wall to stack the plastic drawers that had previously lived on the shelves.  That opened up shelf space so I don't need to figure out where to put an extra unit.  I thought I would need one, and the only place I could think of to put it was up against my cutting table, cutting the room in half again.  The blank wall you see behind the table isn't actually free space.  I need to keep it open because it's the only place I can pin up a quilt and control lighting to take a half-decent flat quilt photo.

I'm really pleased I didn't have to cut the room in half with extra shelving.  See how spacious the room feels now?

I love how open the space feels.  Despite initial misgivings about the whole moving-things-around business, Rosie also approves.  She can settle into her cave under the printer and not have to move to keep me in sight when I need to work in the back half of the room.

Just so you know, she has a couple of comfy dog beds down here, but this is where she likes to hang out!

Moving stuff around brought a few neglected projects back into the light, and my refreshed workspace has renewed my enthusiasm.  I'll take the motivation while it's here and go finish something.  What about you?  Does your workspace help or hinder your creativity and motivation?

Happy quilting,



  1. Everything looks so tidy! If you're like me, that won't last long, but it's a good feeling. I'm glad Rosie approves and it's always nice to have a spot for the fur-babies that is out of the way, but still in line for proper supervision of our shenanigans!

  2. Well done & I think your room is a little bigger than the one I use in this house, 10'x 11' approx.., as it is one of the back bedrooms. I miss my old studio in our former house we had here, but we sold up with thoughts of retirement looming, went away elsewhere, then bought back here in this area. Silly things we do. Rosie looks super satisfied too. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs. PS: Email on way too.

  3. What a lovely and functional room you now have--congrats on doing all that work!! My room is quite small and right now a total "tip". I hope to reorganize when my back permits; for now i am doing small reorg. projects like my threads, patterns etc...hugs, Julierose

  4. Love your setup. Fall cleaning in my studio takes "forever"! I have 3 machines set up at all times, a large printer, shelves, rolling carts, and the list goes on. Due to health reasons, I can only do a little at a time. The fun begins next week. Wish me luck!


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