Sunday, September 18, 2022

Party Crackers reveal

The Baroque collection from Island Batik is shipping to stores this month, so I can finally share two projects I've had under wraps since early this year.

First up is Party Crackers.

I just love this one. It's been hard to keep it to myself for months.  First, this landed on my front step, courtesy of Island Batik, and I had to ooh and ahh in private.  I particularly love the 1st, 2nd and 4th fabrics in the photo below.  The photo doesn't do the lightest fabric justice. It has really pretty blue and purple accents washing through it.

Since I couldn't share anyway,  I didn't take many process pictures.  I have no pictures of all the stitch-and-flip sewing and trimming, or chain stitching, or blocks.  We magically jump from yardage to quilt!  Look at those gorgeous colours!

All the angles and points in this quilt are made with stitch-and-flip corners, so despite all the angles, you only need to cut squares and rectangles from the fabrics.  

The stars in the center of each block are my favourite floating stars. Because they're designed to avoid any risk of cut-off points, they're the most stress-free star block I have made.

I'm limited to outside photos on my deck at the moment.  While in the past I used to roam the yard and take pictures over various fences and posts with flowerbeds in the background and foreground, I'm afraid that's not working this year.  First, it's been very dry and things are looking a little brown and stressed.  Worse, the yard has been invaded by chiggers.  Nasty little microscopic bugs, leaving super nasty itchy welts where they have crawled under clothing.  I'll leave it to your imagination.  I'm just not enjoying my yard this year.  Good thing I still have the quilting room when I need a retreat!

How did your yard fare this summer? Did you escape to the great outdoors, or escape from the great outdoors to your quilting room?

Happy quilting,


Get your copy of the Party Crackers pattern as a PDF download in my Etsy shop, or ask for a printed copy at your favourite quilt shop.  Shops, please see my wholesale page for wholesale information or find the pattern at distributors CheckerEE Schenck or Brewer


  1. Party Crackers is a wonderful quilt. Love this new block! Very well done! Bravo! ;^)

  2. Your temperature quilt is gorgeous! I love the layout. The Island Batiks fabrics are so pretty. You did a great job to show them off. ~~Kathy S.

  3. Yes the fabrics are lucious but OMG your quilt is fabulous!!! Our yard was good this year we got rain when we needed it, never had to water it and didn't water the garden all that much this year.

  4. Really pretty. I can see why you loved those fabrics.

  5. Love it!!!!! Well done & are your chiggers like midges you get in Scotland? Our yard isn't looking good either though not dry but waterlogged from all the rain we've had this winter. Taking photos outside were few and far between because it was so cloudy, dull, wet and windy. I have just posted a few on a rare nice day out. Would this pattern be good for a multitude of scraps & the background? Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs from down under.


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