Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Starlit Picnic Finish!

Just a quick post to share the finished quilt. After sharing so many progress posts about Starlit Picnic, (see my earlier posts here, here and here) I almost forgot to show you the finished quilt.  While I shared on Facebook and Instagram quickly from my phone, I needed to be at my computer to write a blog post.  I may have become distracted by new designs when I sat down at the computer...but that's another post.

Here it is: Starlit Picnic!

As you can see, after much deliberation, I chose a scrappy bright green binding.  Well, after much deliberation, there really wasn't much choice after all, as it turned out my stash couldn't cough up enough of the blue to match the binding to the border.  The bin of bright green scraps was more obliging.  You might be able to make out the different prints in the binding in the photo below.

One more picture because this quilt just makes me happy.

Now I'm inspired to finish up a few more soon as I decide which one inspires me most at the moment. Does a finish inspire you to move on to something else right away, or do you take a break before the next project?

Happy quilting,

Get the Starlit Picnic pattern as a PDF download in my Etsy shop, or ask for a print copy at your favourite quilt shop.  Shops, please visit my website for wholesale information or find my patterns at distributors Checker, Brewer or E.E. Schenck . 


  1. Congrats, Joann. It's a wonderful picnic quilt. The sashing between all the little blocks must have been a daunting task but it brings a city flair to the country colour palette. Love it. A finish, especially a UFO one, makes me want to finish another UFO. Starting a new project can happen instantly and too often, lol. ;^)

  2. Lovely finish on Starlit Picnic!! When I've finished a project, i always need a few days before jumping into another one it seems...and time to clean up the usual mess i've made, too ;000 hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful! And, as I think I said somewhere else online, the green wasn't my vote, but the scrap bins knew what they were doing and it looks awesome! As for finishes motivating me...sometimes yes, sometimes no. Usually a deadline is the best motivation to finish. (New goodies are always a motivation to start!)

  4. Love your hero shots and the binding looks great. I've been trying hard to finish off some "very old" tops and have done 3 recently & finally taken photos for my blog. I've a few more recent ones to do too & so many other things I should do to use up some of my fabric & designs I've got lurking on my laptop & in my graph book. You are inspiring me to keep moving forward. Thanks, take care & hugs.

  5. Love the blue greens and yellows. So pretty!

  6. I probably move onto the next project mostly but sometimes I stop and pause.........the quilt is lovely and you can never take to make pics of a quilt.........


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