Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Too tired to quilt ?!!!

That can’t be right!  It’s accurate though.  Three weeks ago I started working part time at my local quilt shop.  I get to gaze at and cut gorgeous fabric all day and be inspired by what customers are working on…and I’m too tired to play with my own stash when I get home!

I’m adapting to the new routine and getting used to being on my feet 7 hours a day. That standing and moving around all day has been good for the waistline!.  As I adapt, my energy is coming back so I’m working on some of these a bit at a time.


I thought I was done with snowflakes, but then someone suggested that they could definitely see these in a Christmas tree skirt, and the Christmas fabric is in at the shop where I pass by it several times a day 3 days a week, so I just had to play with that idea! 

But for now, sleep!


  1. Isn't working in a quilt shop wonderful? I've worked in a couple of fabric shops years ago and loved it. The only problem I had was that my paycheck never came home - it stayed right there for all my purchases. I always said I worked the job to cover my obsession. The snowflakes will make a great tree skirt - can't wait to see it. ~Jeanne

  2. Those will make a lovely tree skirt! Sounds like you are starting to adjust to the work schedule. =)

  3. I've heard, and I'm pretty sure you have too, that God will supply all our needs. Just apply that thought here: He knew you would need (want) more fabric, so He provided that job for you, right? *giggle* Sounds like a fun job, but I'm sure it's tough being on your feet all day. I love the snowflakes; I can see them for anything from late October until Spring, but more especially at Christmas --- on anything! ---"Love"

  4. Working at a quilt shop - what fun. Not having enough energy to quilt? Bummer.

    I have recently pulled out my snowflakes and have an idea what to do with them. I'm hoping I'll make something with them before the real snow flies!

  5. It does sound fun but exhausting. Love the looks of the snowflake in green.

  6. Oh your snowflakes would look terrific for a tree skirt Joanne!
    Here is hoping that your energies build up and that you never get tired of looking at fabrics. It's going to be pretty tricky not to soend half your paycheck tat work. LOL

  7. My LQS has been hiring several times. . . every time I consider maybe taking on a part time job my more practical (and quiet side! LOL) says, "You know you will be paying them at the end of every pay period!" :)

    LOVE the snowflake in green! I ran across my snowflakes yesterday. I think they need to go on my Q4 list! I think it is official. . . they are my first UFO :(

  8. Yep, working all day puts a dent into the fun stuff. Especially when you a family to care for and home to run. Those snowflakes are perfect for a Christmas project.

  9. I know how you feel Joanne, a great job but I'm pleased it's only once or twice a week for me. I'm sure once you get into the routine of the job there will be more quilting time.... got to do something with all that inspiration from work!! PS Still love those snowflakes!


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