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IMG_8338Last Friday I woke up inspired to quilt the red and green stars quilt.  Then I remembered I needed to prepare the backing and snip any fraying threads off the back of the top(any loose threads would definitely show through all that white).  That took up any quilting time I had that day.  Then the weekend came, but I at least managed to baste the quilt by Sunday night.

Yesterday I was off to a wonderful start.  Stitching in the ditch went more smoothly and quickly than I expected.  I expected that to take longer than it did and when it didn’t I became convinced that I would get most of the quilting done by the end of the day.  Oh well.  Hope springs eternal.  Maybe today?

Here’s a peek at what I’m doing in the open spaces and behind the stars.

 Breaking the spiral at the stars and continuing it in the next white space is trickier than I expected. I’m striving for the impression that the stars are floating in front of the spiral.  Now I’m wondering if it’s worth the trouble, but I’m committed to it by this point (or maybe I should be committed?) so I’m off to wrestle the quilt again.

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  1. Looks neat! No being committed until you're done. ;-) Good luck with the rest of the quilting.

  2. Oh my - That is so neat! Love the circles and that will be a great effect. I fight with FMQ on my machine - I can go right fine but going left always beaks the thread. Looks like I get a free afternoon Thursday to sew - I hope to make progress on feathers. =) Enjoy your holiday today.

  3. Isn't it amazing how much more time quilting takes than what we estimate? I'm always falling into that trap and thinking I'll get done lots more than I can. Your spirals are wonderful and I am in awe of the fact that you stopped and started them.

  4. Oh please continue on! The quilt looks fantastic!

  5. I love how the spirals disappear behind the stars, it looks brilliant.

  6. Oh I LOVE that idea of having the stars float! What a great idea. So à propos too, as the stars "float" above our round Earth...

  7. I love how it looks too! Are you using a walking foot and how did you mark it! I does seem like it would be difficult, but will be worth it when finished!

  8. Wow! You do beautiful work! A new inspiration!

  9. That looks stunning. The quilting is so even in the circles. I have often thought I might need to be committed too in some of my projects.

  10. I think it's gorgeous! I think the circles are a great contrast to the star points! ---"Love"

  11. Persevere Joanne! The stars will look amazing floating about the swirls.


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